UPDATE: 24 March 2022

Upfrom 23 March Onwards all corona measures have been released in The Netherlands. No testing requirements are in place anymore at this moment time. Please read the full statement from the dutch government over here:

Also the Mask requirements have been let go off compeletely.

For attendees traveling to the Netherlands check the government website (english) for all uptodate information:



We are trying to keep you updated on all government related corona measures and the impact on our conference as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions via [email protected] or on whatsapp via: +31622227889.

Dutch Government helpful links

COVID 19 Cancellation Policy

  1. Do I get reïmbursed in case I can not travel due to reasons in relation to COVID?

    Absolutely! You will be reïmbursed within 10 working days for the FULL PURCHASE Amount.

    Cancellation of your ticket related to Travel Restrictions can be requested until 1 May 2022 and ALWAYS in case you are tested positive for COVID19.

  2. What happens to my in-person ticket if the in-person event cannot take place after all?

    In the unfortunate event that we're not allowed to get together in-person, we will directly reimburse you for your purchase.

  3. The conference will be moved?

    Obviously you will have the option to keep your current ticket in case we set a new date for our Conference. You will also have the choice to be reimbursed.